Order an Apostille

How to order an apostille for documents

What apostille services does our agency offer?

Our agency offers affixing an apostille on original documents and their copies, as well as on notarized translations of these documents.

What can be done separately, without coming through our agency:
Apostille documents for individuals:
– Put an apostille on a police clearance certificate,
– birth certificate,
– Marriage certificate,
– divorce certificate,
– death certificate,
– certificate of non-marriage,
– certificate of absence of real estate.
– a certificate of income and absence of debts – from the tax office.
– Place an apostille on a medical certificate.
And alsoapostille of documents for legal entities, both immediately after registration and during their activities.

Additional services of our agency are certified copies and translations of documents and apostille of these translations and certified copies.

What government agencies does our agency interact with?

Our agency works with all ministries (including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education), registry offices of all levels and territories. We also apply for documents to the BTI and other authorities.

Is it possible to put an apostille on old-style documents?

It all depends on the country of the document, the type of document, the condition of the document, the year it was received and the requirements of the receiving party. But as a rule, old (Soviet) standard documents are not accepted for apostille both in the country of origin and in the country receiving the document.
It is impossible to verify the signatures of officials on such documents. Therefore, an apostille for them is applicable only in some countries where the continuity of signature recognition has been preserved. In order to determine whether it is possible or not to make an apostille on a document, you need to photograph the document or scan it (which is even better) and send it to us using the feedback form or at email for consideration. After receiving such a photo or scan, we will give a conclusion whether it is possible or not to issue an apostille. If this is not possible, then you will need to request a duplicate of a new sample and only after that put an apostille on it.