Birth Certificate from Ukraine

Why a Ukrainian birth certificate is needed

This document is the primary proof of a person’s birth and is necessary for processing other documents and procedures, such as obtaining citizenship, applying for a passport, marriage registration, education, and other rights and benefits.

The birth certificate may also be required as the main document confirming the initial data of its holder. For example, when there is an error in the spelling of the name and/or surname, the birth certificate is the fundamental document for making corrections in other documents.

What a Ukrainian birth certificate looks like

Old model birth certificate from Ukraine (Ukrainian SSR):

Soviet-era birth certificate, Ukrainian SSR in Ukrainian and Russian languages
The old Soviet certificate is not accepted in any of the former USSR countries, let alone abroad. The old model certificate, the seal is not visible, and the certificate is in poor condition.

New model birth certificate in Ukraine:

New model Ukrainian birth certificate. Such a certificate can be apostilled or legalized.

Text of the birth certificate in Ukraine


Surname _____________________________________________________________________

Name ______________________________ Patronymic ________________________________

Born _______________________________________________________________


(day, month, and year

in numbers and words)
Place of birth ____________________________________________________________
city, township (village)
year composed

The translation goes on, capturing the general content and format of the document, while maintaining a professional and formal tone appropriate for legal and official use.

How does a reissued birth certificate in Ukraine (duplicate) differ from the original (primary document)?

A reissued birth certificate in Ukraine, or a duplicate, contains the same basic information as the original (primary document), such as names, surnames, date, and place of birth. However, there are several differences between them:

  1. Unique identifier: The duplicate may have a unique identifier or number that differs from the identifier in the original birth certificate. This is done so that the duplicate can be easily distinguished from the original.
  2. Date of issue: The duplicate will have a date of issue that indicates it was issued as a result of a request for a reissued birth certificate, i.e., later than the date of issue of the original.
  3. Marking “Duplicate”: The duplicate may indicate that it is a duplicate of the original birth certificate. This is done to prevent confusion between the original and its duplicate.
  4. Stamps and signatures: The stamps and signatures on the duplicate may differ from those on the original. This may be due to the process of issuing and approving the copy.
  5. Records of previous issues: In some cases, the duplicate may contain information about previous issues of the birth certificate, if there were any.

It is important to remember that, despite these differences, the duplicate usually has the same legal force and status as the original and can be used for the same purposes. However, in some cases, such as when applying for a passport or other documents, the original or a certified copy of the birth certificate may be required.

How does a birth certificate extract differ from a birth certificate?

A birth certificate extract and a birth certificate are documents that certify the fact of a person’s birth, but they have differences:

Content and format:

  • Birth Certificate: Usually a separate document, issued on a special form, which includes basic information about the child (name, date, and place of birth) and their parents.
  • Birth Certificate Extract: This is a copy of the record of the birth act made in the registration book. The extract can be issued as a separate document or on a special form.

Legal validity:

  • Birth Certificate: Has full legal validity and is usually required in many official procedures, such as applying for a passport, obtaining citizenship, and other legal actions.
  • Birth Certificate Extract: Usually serves as an official document verifying the fact of birth, but in some cases, a birth certificate may be required instead of the extract.

Availability and issuance:

  • Birth Certificate: Issued at the time of birth registration or upon request by the parents or the person in whose name it is issued. Usually, a specific procedure is required to obtain it.
  • Birth Certificate Extract: Can be issued upon request to any interested party, for example, to the parents of the person, based on an application or request.

In general, the birth certificate is a more formal and universal document, which is most often required in various official procedures, while the birth certificate extract can be used for the same purposes but may not always be accepted as a substitute for the full birth certificate.

If the person for whom the birth certificate is requested has died, only an extract from the birth register will be issued.

Is nationality written on the birth certificate?

In the new model birth certificate in Ukraine, nationality is not written. However, if requested by the client, we can obtain a birth certificate extract with nationality indicated.

Is citizenship written on the birth certificate?

No, in Ukraine, citizenship is not indicated either on the birth certificate or the birth certificate extract. However, if you need citizenship to be indicated or its absence, we can create a special document for you.

What to do if there are errors or inaccuracies in the birth certificate

If errors or inaccuracies are found in the birth certificate, they can be corrected in the following ways, depending on the specific circumstances:

  1. Addressing the civil registry office (ZAGS): We can submit an application for you to correct errors in the birth certificate at the local civil registry office that registered your birth. In this application, we will list all the errors. You will need to provide us with the necessary documents to confirm the correct data (e.g., birth certificate, marriage certificate). After considering the application, the civil registry office may issue a corrected birth certificate.
  2. Legal proceedings: In some cases, if the civil registry office refuses to make corrections or if your rights are violated due to errors in the birth certificate, we can help you file a lawsuit to make corrections. In this case, the decision to make amendments will be made by the court.
  3. Administrative procedures: In some cases, administrative procedures can be used to correct errors if they do not require significant changes. For example, typos in the name or date of birth can be corrected administratively.
  4. Notarizing documents: If the error is not critical or is related to typos, you can ask to notarize documents confirming the correct data, such as a passport or marriage certificate. This can help in processing other documents.

What to do if the certificate or birth certificate is of the old Soviet model?

If you have an old Soviet model certificate or birth certificate and need to use it under modern conditions, consider the following options:

  1. Check legal validity: First, make sure your document still has legal validity and is recognized by the authorities in your country (the country of your residence). Old documents remain valid only for a limited number of actions, but in most cases, they may need to be updated or replaced. We can assist you with this matter.
  2. Update or replacement: This may involve procedures for registration at the civil registry office or other authorities, submission of additional documents, and payment of relevant fees. We can also assist with these matters in Ukraine.
  3. Comparing Soviet samples with modern standards: If your old birth certificate does not meet modern standards or requirements, additional actions may be required. For example, in some cases, translation, consular legalization, or apostille may be necessary for use abroad.
  4. Consulting a lawyer: If you encounter difficulties or uncertainties regarding the procedures for updating or replacing the document, seek advice from a lawyer or specialist in our company. They can provide you with detailed information and assistance in your case.

What to do if the civil registry offices in Ukraine do not find birth data and a refusal is received?

In this case, it all depends on the circumstances. Perhaps you have confused the place of birth or the year. Our lawyers will help sort it out and find the birth data. We will search in the National Archive, in the civil registry offices. If the data are still not found, there is a solution – through the court. We assist with this too.

Will a birth certificate be accepted if there are handwritten corrections?

No, such documents are not accepted. The requirement is to redo it, obtaining a new certificate.

Why are laminated birth certificates not accepted?

Any actions with the original certificate or duplicate are considered damage to the document. Therefore, you will need to obtain a new document, a new model.

Will a birth certificate be accepted if the place of birth is written incorrectly?

It all depends on the requirements of the accepting authority. But if you are submitting it abroad, in another country, there is a very high chance that such a birth certificate will not be accepted.

Will a birth certificate be accepted if the nationality is written incorrectly?

Since nationality is not specified in the new model birth certificate in Ukraine, there should be no problems with this issue.

What to do if I was born in a territory that is now occupied?

In such a case, you need to contact our lawyer to discuss options for obtaining a birth certificate.

Where can I obtain a birth certificate in Ukraine?

You can read information about this at the following link.

How to obtain a birth certificate without coming (remotely)

Can I obtain a Ukrainian birth certificate if I am a citizen of another country?

If you were born in Ukraine, the legislation of this country allows you to obtain a birth certificate regardless of your citizenship.

How to verify a Ukrainian birth certificate

You can verify a Ukrainian birth certificate using a special QR code on it. If there is no QR code and the certificate is an old model, it makes sense to replace it with a new model certificate.

Is there a digital birth certificate in Ukraine (not on paper)?

Ukraine is working on electronic documents. However, currently, there is only a paper version available on a special protected form.

Is it necessary to apostille a birth certificate in Ukraine?

It depends on where you will be presenting it. But it is recommended to apostille the birth certificate in advance. Cases vary. For example, an official may not know that their country accepts documents from Ukraine. Or there might be suspicions about the authenticity of the document, and an apostille confirms it with an additional stamp/seal.

Can a birth certificate be apostilled at the Ukrainian consulate?

The consulate does not apostille birth certificates. Moreover, birth certificates issued by the consulate cannot be apostilled within the country.

Why should you consult lawyers for obtaining a duplicate or restoring a birth certificate?

Often, citizens do not foresee future problems with the document. There are many nuances, from formatting to the visibility of the print. Lawyers know all possible situations and can help resolve the issue quickly and without consequences.

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