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To order an apostille in Uzbekistan, it is recommended to contact via one of the messengers (viber, whatsapp, telegram) at the number:

+373 67 666 333

What is an Uzbek apostille?

Uzbek apostille this is a stamp, a form, a square cliche measuring 10 by 10 centimeters, the content and purpose of which are determined by the Apostille Convention of 1961. That is, an apostille in Uzbekistan has the purpose and purpose of the general apostille standard.

Uzbekistan became a party to the Hague Apostille Convention  – July 25, 2011. Apostille became effective from April 15, 2012. This means that documents received before May 2012 cannot be apostilled. Such documents must be converted to new documents. Because the law does not have retroactive effect.

The Convention entered into force in Uzbekistan, but it does not apply to Austria, Belgium, Germany and Greece. Documents for these countries must undergo a procedure called “Consular Legalization.”

Apostille in Uzyuekistan is used in two languages: Uzbek and English, regardless of whether the document is translated into English or not.

What does an Uzbek Apostille look like?

Sample of Uzbek apostille:

Apostille Uzbekistan. Sample

Apostille certification is carried out by typing (printing or printing) or affixing a stamp on a self-adhesive paper document equipped with security features.

Text of the Uzbek Apostille


(Convention de la Naye du 5 October 1961)

1. Davlat/Country ___________________________________________________ O’zbekiston Respublikasi

Ushbu rasmiy hujjat/this public document


2. Tomonidan imzolandi/

has been signed by _____________________________________________________________________________________

3. Sifatida faoliyat yurituvchi/


Acting in the capacity of _____________________________________________________________________________________

4. Muhr/shtamp bilan tasdiqlangan/


bears the seal/stamp of __________________________________________________________________


5. Shahar/at _____________________________________

6. Sana/the__________________________

7. Tomonidan/ by _________________________________



8. No. ________________________________________________________________________________

9. Muhr/shtamp/

10. Imzo/Signature



















Translation of Uzbek apostille into English

(Hague Convention October 5, 1961)

1. State/Country __________________________________________________________ (Republic of Uzbekistan)

This official document / this public document

2. Signed

3. Acting as  _________________________________

4. Approved by seal/stamp/ ________________________________


5. City/name _____________________________________________

6. Date/date__________________________

7. Who  _________________________________
(note BUSINESS LIGA SRL: surname and position of the person who approved the official document)

8. No. ________________________________________________________________________________
(note BUSINESS LIGA SRL:  order number corresponding to the order number for apostille registration)< br>

9. Stamp

10. Signature

(note BUSINESS LAWYERS SRL: Seal of the authority authorized to certify apostilles)

Why do you need an apostille if documents from Uzbekistan already have the seal and signature of an official?

There are quite a lot of responsible officials in government bodies, archives and civil registry offices of Uzbekistan with personal signatures on the documents issued.

Officials and their signatures change quite often. To prove the originality and veracity of a document, it is necessary to determine whether the official’s signature matches the samples of his signature.

With such a volume of documents and many officials, this is very difficult to do. This especially complicates the process of receiving and reviewing documents abroad.

For this purpose there is a verification system and  confirmation of signatures and seals, stamps by a small number of other officials (within the country)  – to facilitate the submission of documents abroad. Less time to check. It is easier for officials responsible for Apostille to check signatures, seals, documents (their samples and content).

Foreign workers receive from the competent authorities samples of signatures of officials signing Apostilles from other countries.

There are two proceduresfor confirming documents to be submitted abroad. The first procedure – existed before the signing of the Apostille Convention throughout the world – is the legalization of documents. One official signs the document upon issuance, and another – from the ministry (usually the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) checks the signature of the previous one and puts the appropriate stamp and signature, then the signature of the official from the Ministry is checked and certified by the consulate of the country where the documents need to be submitted. Verification is carried out on the basis of current signatures. 

Second procedure  – affixing an Apostille. Apostille is a special stamp that replaces consular legalization and greatly simplifies the procedure for preparing documents for foreign authorities.

Is it possible to check the apostille in Uzbekistan online?

Online document verification systems – a new solution for checking the authenticity of documents.

When governments and society are ready for such a document verification system, most likely there will be no need for an apostille.

However, quite a lot of officials will have access to such a system. And this again raises the question of the large number of signatures and their relevance.

One of the options is to check the electronic signature of the apostille through the register of signatures. Another option is to check using the QR code on the document.

Where can I get an apostille in Uzbekistan?

civil status acts (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, certificate of non-marriage, certificate of change of surname) – Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Karakalpakstan,  regional and Tashkent departments of justice; 

court documents (court decision, extract from the court decision)documents from the prosecutor’s office of the investigation, inquiry and pre-investigation bodies(including a certificate of good conduct) – Prosecutor General’s Office ; 

educational documents(certificate of secondary education, diploma of secondary vocational education, diploma of higher education from universities) – State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education under the Cabinet of Ministers;  

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan

Is it possible to get an apostille at the consulate of Uzbekistan?

According to the Hague Apostille Convention, the Apostille stamp for Uzbek documents cannot be obtained at the Consulate of Uzbekistan. And this does not depend on the country where the consulate is located, be it France, Russia, the USA, and so on.

Is there an electronic apostille in Uzbekistan – E-apostille?

In Uzbekistan, there is a traditional apostille procedure and an electronic apostille procedure (according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan “On measures to further improve the procedure for affixing an apostille on official documents”).

This procedure has been provided in Uzbekistan since March 2022. However, its implementation still leaves much to be desired.

The “E-Register” program – actions related to the formation of a special stamp affixed by an authorized government body on an official document for use abroad through the “E-Application” program, and making changes to this stamp in complex software electronic register.

Electronic apostille allows you to certify birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, civil status certificates (not married), medical certificates of the established form, court orders and other documents for use abroad.